This Script for your have site or hostting reseller but u don’t have ssh account for check your prossesing i your hosting service or server..

just put thist script php and open this file in browser. it will work and will show the prosescing

the code :


echo “<html><head><title>Security Scanner</title>”;
echo “<!– This code is licensed under the GPL Version 2.0 only –></head><body>”;

echo ‘<p>’;
echo ‘Suspicious files in /tmp:’;
echo ‘<br><pre>’;
system(“ls -al /tmp/ | grep `whoami` | grep -v sess_”);

echo ‘</pre></p><p>’;
echo ‘World-writable files and folders:’;
echo ‘<br><pre>’;
system(“find ./ -perm +og+w -follow”);

echo ‘</pre></p><p>’;
echo ‘Broken symlinks:’;
echo ‘<br><pre>’;
system(“for i in `find ./ -type l`; do [ -e $i ] || echo $i is broken; done”);

echo ‘</pre></p><p>’;
echo ‘php.ini files with register_globals enabled:’;
echo ‘<br><pre>’;
system(“find ./ -name php.ini -exec grep -Hli ‘^register_globals.*=.*On’ {} ;”);

echo ‘</pre></p><p>’;
echo “Note: Speaking of cron jobs, you’ll need to check those manually”;
echo ‘<br>’;
echo ‘Running processes:’;
echo ‘<br><pre>’;
system(“ps -eo pid,user,cmd | grep `whoami`”);

echo “</pre></p></body></html>”;