The Indonesian hacker Hmei7, responsible for defacing more than 70,000 sites, including ones that belong to Siemens, IBM and some important car manufacturers, did it again, this time defacing three Asus websites hosted on subdomains of

Zone-H provided mirrors of the defacements and as it turned out, in this particular instance the hacker was aided by H4x0rL1f3.

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ASUS got hacked !!! be secure, your security get down,” was the message posted by the hackers on the sites.

The breached domains are, and, the former currently being taken down for maintenance.

The hackers didn’t deface the main pages, instead they added an x.html file, which could only be seen by the site’s admins to show them that their security could use some work.

At the time of writing, two of the subdomains were cleaned up, but the third one still hosted the defacement page.