Open source technology is the order of the day and is becoming a developer’s delight. We present to you 15 open source apps that can make the lives of developers easy.


1. Sidekiq: This app promises a “simple, efficient background processing for Ruby.” What it does best is that it speeds up web applications making them scalable. Operating System: OS Independent.

2. SheetSee.js: This app is a JavaScript library that makes possible for users to run Google spreadsheets as the database that would feed website content. Also, quickens updates and makes them easy. Operating System: OS Independent

3. Textmate: This particular app is exclusively for developers who work on makes. The app is a text editor that offers many more advanced features than one would find in the run of the mill IDE. Operating System: OS X

4. TypeScript: This app has been developed by Microsoft and released in 2012 and is a variant of JavaScript. The app comes with static typing and class-based object oriented programming abilities. The app compiles to pure JavaScript, and as a result, works with any operating system and browser. Operating System: OS Independent

5. ZURB Foundation: This app is one of the more popular projects on GitHub. According to the makers, the app is the “most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.” The app helps web developers quickly create sites that automatically adjust for the size and type of device being used for access. Operating System: OS

Disaster Preparedness

6. InaSAFE Foundation: This app has been created in Indonesia and Australia. It is meant for scientists and communities explore the potential impact of natural disasters in any given region. For making use of the app, the user will have to use Quantum GIS, an open source geographic information system. Operating System: OS Independent

Feed Reader

7. Stringer: This app is a great alternative to Google Reader, and is meant for those that are tech-savvy enough to deploy it on your their own servers. The makers describe it as a “self-hosted, anti-social RSS reader” with no social or sharing capabilities but plenty of keyboard shortcuts. Operating System: OS Independent

File Sharing

8. Sharefest: Understanding this app, is something like a combination of Dropbox and Bittorrent. The app allows users to share files with anyone without storing them in the cloud. The link takes users to the actual service, but the source code itself can be found on on GitHub. Operating System: OS Independent


9. Font Awesome: The app has been developed for Bootstrap, and is basically a set of icons related to Web activities. These are vector graphics (meaning they’re easy to scale) and they tend to look good on high-resolution screens. Operating System: OS Independent

Forum Software

10. Discourse: The makers have described the app as a “discussion platform”. It basically aims to modernize Web forums. The idea, they say, is to eventually, offer a hosted platform, but the open source code is available now. Operating System: OS Independent


11. Stunt Rally: While the app is less than two years old, the game itself is based on VDrift and OGRE, making the app complete and mature. It comes equipped with awesome graphics, and it is inclusive of 127 different tracks and 19 cars, plus a track editor so you can create your own racecourses. Operating System: OS Independent

IT Configuration and Management

12. Ansible: This has been deployed by user companies like Rackspace, and Evernote. The app offers users the right of application deployment, configuration management and continuous delivery capabilities. Besides this, the app is also available in a supported enterprise edition, and paid training and consulting are also
available. Operating System: Linux

Media Publishing

13. MediaGoblin: This is a great way to go for those that want to set up a site for sharing photos, videos or audio files. It helps users create their own alternatives to Flickr, YouTube and similar sites. Operating System: Linux


14. Kale: This tool was created by Etsy tool to help monitor its operations. It comes with two separate parts: Skyline, which detects anomalies, and Oculus, which finds similar metrics. Operating System: Linux

Operating System

15. Firefox OS: this app has been created by Mozilla (the organization behind the Firefox browser), and is a brand new mobile operating system. The first smartphones based on the OS have been released in Spain and others are expected in developing markets.